Thursday, February 3, 2011

2010 - Year In Review - Summary

2010 Summar

It has been a very productive year for the Grayson Country Quilters of Blanding. Many projects were needed and they tackled each one with gusto and love.

Helping Hands of Haiti had each member making a light blanket to be sent to Haiti. They were told that tons of items were donated to these people, but blankets were the most sought after. They tried to make them bright and colorful to lift their spirits. Next, they tackled their “charity quilt”.

Every member made a 30’s block and the quilt turned out beautiful. It will make a wonderful gift to someone in need. Fila Harris asked for help in making the Quilted Blue Star Service Banners which were given to our local families who had sons, daughters or husbands serving our country.  This was a great project they were honored to help with. At this time they also decided to make a Quilt of Valor which they will keep to give to a local service person at the time of need.

They also make and donate baby receiving blankets to the Blue Mountain Hospital. New mothers always appreciate receiving a hand-made baby blanket.

The sale of their July 4th quilt gives them the funds to purchase material for all of the service projects throughout the year.

In August, they met at the beautiful Canyonlands Guest Ranch for a summer social. The Quilt of Valor was finished and displayed at this time. The guild also sent over 20 pink “Quilt for the Cure” blocks to the state quilt guild to be made into larger quilts. The quilts are auctioned, with proceeds donated to cancer research.
Another project was the “Million Pillowcase Challenge”. American Patchwork & Quilting has a challenge to help them reach a goal of donating one million pillowcases to local charities.  Our group made over 40 pillow cases. The object is to make pillow cases and donate them to a local charity to make a difference in the community. They gave them to Kim Glover, who works with the Early Intervention Program with the San Juan School District.

They will wrap up their year at the December Christmas Party. Next year will begin with another list of projects to complete.

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