Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April meeting location change

The GCQ April meeting will be held at the Blanding Library beginning at 6:00 p.m.  It is sure to be a fun one!  The Monticello Quilters have been invited to come enjoy an evening with us!  Karen from the Cortez Quilt Shop is our special guest.  She will do a show and tell, demonstration and have "goodies" for sale from her shop.  You can never have enough quilting "stuff" so come take advantage of shopping without leaving town!

The 4th of July raffle quilt top is complete and soon to be sent to our amazing long arm artist, Jeri Montella.  It is beautiful - look for the display at Clark's Market beginning in June.  This is our big fundraiser for the year!

I will post pictures of the April meeting next week.  Come join us!

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Our March meeting was so fun and informative!!  We had a large number of ladies in attendance.  Debbie Christiansen gave a lesson on needles - little did we know that we knew so little!!!  How to choose the right needle for the project, how to tell when to change it (besides when it breaks!) and that quality does matter!!  Very informative - thanks Debbie!! Merri Shumway showed us how to make a trellis 4 patch.  A cute idea on a traditional block.  Kathy Hurst showed how to get PERFECT half square triangles - it's called "Cake recipes"!  This paper pack comes from Missouri Star Quilts. Everyone was excited about this concept!  One pack was even given as a door prize.   Karen Kartchner and Becky Cochran brought beautiful trays of fruit and vegetables along with dips for our refreshments - very tasty!!  Baby blanket material was passed out to be finished into blankets for the newborns at the hospital.  We are getting a good supply - way to go ladies!! And of course what would a meeting be without show and tell!

Debbie talks Needles!!

Merri demos how to make 4patch Trellis

Gail is busy making babies for the hospital babies!
Kathy tells us about "Cake Recipes" (and she doesn't mean food)

Kathy shows the adorable baby blankets Kathleen is making for the hospital
Deb and her temperature quilt

Kathy finished her "Man Quilt" - the disappearing nine patch

She also finished her Blustery Snails - or what we refer to as "EveLyn's Quilt"

LaRue calls this her "brain tumor quilt" as she worked on this while recuperating

Norma's stunning applique

Becky's strip quilt - love it!!
April's meeting (place to be determined) will have Karen from the Quilt Shop in Cortez doing a presentation and bringing goodies to buy (YaHoo).  We have also invited the Monticello Quilt Guild to our meeting.  This will be a fun one!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Sew Weekend

 Our first "sew weekend" was on Feb.10 &11 and was a great success.  Three quilts were introduced at the January meeting and some worked on one of these and others did new projects, UFO's or charity quilts/blankets.  We all had a great time with great snacks!  Many quilts were shown at the Show& Tell.  Looks like many have been busy!!!  These weekend sews are such a fun way to get caught up on sewing but mainly it's just being together!

Sidney - nine patch

Sidney - log cabin
Sidney finished this log cabin at the weekend sew



Blustery Snails

Deb - Corridors (she finished right before surgery)

Becky showed her Mom's and her nine patch that they did as a guild exchange many years ago.
We're glad to have her join us again!

Debbie - wouldn't every Star Wars fan love this!!

LaRue - scrap quilt





Giraffe Crossing

Larkspur Log Cabin

Disappearing 9 Patch

Cathy - 9 Patch Switch

Demo on 9 Patch Switch

Demo on Disappearing 9 Patch

Debbie C - working on Blustery Snails

Gayle - worked on Patriotic pinwheels

Karen - Hearts wall hanging

Valentine decorations

Deb did a demo on a "Weather/Temperature quilt"  - she challenged the members to do one!  This is her color pallet

Tina - she calls this her hysterectomy quilt - she made this while recuperating

Tina made this for her husband

Patriotic Quilt for her son

Laura - "Strip Quilt"




Karen finished her block pattern

Cathy almost finished "Corridors" AWESOME!


LaRue & Sidney

Marcia & Karen

Debbie C


Deb had hand surgery so she came to visit and iron (left handed no less!)

Laura, Debbie, Becky & Sherri

Our next meeting will be March 15 at the Arts & Events Center starting at 7 pm.