Chapter Bylaws

Grayson Country Quilters
Chapter Bylaws

STATUS:  This quilt guild is a non-profit organization.  We are a chapter of the Utah Quilt Guild.

PURPOSE:  To encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilting.

MEETINGS:  The meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of each month during the months of January thru December.

Eligibility:  All persons interested in continuing the art of quilting and its related activities.

DUES:  Ten dollars ($10.00) per year.  (May be reviewed)

OFFICERS:  Elected officers shall serve a term of office as designated under duties for the term of one year or until their successor is elected.  Elections will be held in November and new officers will take office in January; during the interim time, outgoing officers will meet with incoming officers to transfer information, supplies, and monies.


a.      Serves for one year
b.      Conducts business of chapter for guild.
c.      Presides at all meetings
d.      Attends monthly meetings of guild as member of Presidents Council.
e.      Co-signs checks and reviews all financial matters of chapter.
f.       Must be a Utah Quilt Guild member

a.      Serves as a counselor for the president.
b.      Assumes the duties of the president in her absence.
c.       Becomes president if for any reason the office becomes vacated.
d.      Automatically becomes president following her term as president elect.
e.      Is responsible with the help of other officers, for monthly lectures or activities
f.        Responsible for upkeep of blog and taking of pictures at monthly meetings or socials
g.      Will assist with and display show and tell items.

a.      Counsels president.
b.      Keeps minutes of chapter and officer meetings, official correspondence and committee reports
c.       Keeps a roster of members and monthly reports.
d.      Answers and sends letters as directed by the president

a.      Receives funds from dues and activities and deposits/disperses funds as directed by chapter officers.  President and Treasurer will balance checkbook monthly and audit books.
b.      Will make a financial report to membership in November and submit her records to audit to be turned over to new officers in January.

a.      Special Projects Chairperson/Historian
                                                              i.      Works under direction of President Elect.
                                                            ii.      Will plan and implement the special projects assigned to her.
                                                          iii.      Sends reminder/invitations or maintains a calling list.
                                                           iv.      Keeps a scrap book of yearly activities
b.      Nominating Committee
                                                              i.      Will be appointed in September
                                                            ii.      Will present a slate and accept nominations from the floor in October.
                                                          iii.      Will conduct elections of new officers in November, present and count a closed ballot voting.
                                                           iv.      Present officers before close of November meeting.

a.      Proposed amendments must be presented to the officers prior to the monthly meeting. 
b.      A simple majority of members voting can ratify the change.