Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Christmas Party – Part 2

Show and Tell – con’t

Betty Shumway shows off her latest quilt…
Cathy Cosby shows a quilt that her daughter asked her to make.  The fabric is not the ‘usual’ fabric, it contains indoor-outdoor fabric and is VERY HEAVY!!!
P1060165 P1060168
Kathy Hurst and her latest quilts…
P1060170 P1060172
Hospital Board Member, in Center, and family arrived for the presentation of the quilt that will hang in the lobby of Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding.
P1060175 P1060178 
Official Presentation!
P1060183 P1060186
Members of Grayson Country Quilters!
Vicky Kuykendall shows off her baby quilt, that she started for her daughter, and now is giving it to her daughter for her newborn son!!!
Vicky made these cute newborn double sided outfits for her new grandson.
Bobbie Holt shows off her recently completed quilt.  It took her 1 1/2 years to complete.  She’d pull it out, work on it, get frustrated, and put it away for a while.  (A good lesson for all of us, let’s get those unfinished projects completed!!!)
P1060199 P1060200
Thanks so much to Janet Wilcox for hosting the evening and for all members who came and participated. 
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Christmas Party

Janet Wilcox home was the location of the Grayson Country Quilters Christmas Party on December 21st.

Pre-Party Pictures

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Socializing and Visiting


Dinner included four types of meatballs served over rice and noodles, salads, and homemade rolls made by Mitty Brice.  The dessert table looked (and tasted) scrumptious!


100_4717  100_4719

Vicky Kuykendall had on a darling necklace that her step-mother made for her a few years ago!



Worthy Glover presented his show-and-tell early.  He made this Mexican Star in three days!  Jerry Montella machine quilted the wall hanging.


100_4720 100_4722

Bonnie Meyer and Kathleen Lyman made candy that was placed at each place setting and a Christmas gift that each guild member took home with them.


2011 Guild Officers were presenting ‘thank you’ gifts on behalf of the service they provided this past year.



The favorite part of each guild meeting is show-and-tell.  Shari Guymon showed pictures of her granddaughter Violet’s blessing dress.  Shari hand did all the smocking on the dress.  (We are all impressed!)



Deb Bayles showed a three dimensional quilt that she recently finished piecing.  Deb crocheted the doilies in the quilt and then cut them up.  She also added a personal touch by her embellishments.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Petroglyph Quilt by Nancy Kimmerle

Grayson Country Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization of wonderful quilt artists who meet once a month to learn and share quilting techniques, participate in service projects, and promote the art of quilting in our community.
Community service projects have included making bed quilts for the women’s shelter in Blanding, sending quilts to the armed forces in Iraq, making lap robes for the Care Center, and donating quilts to families who have lost their homes in fires.  Quilt classes have also been taught in the elementary and middle schools.  Thousands of volunteer hours go into these worthwhile projects.
Every year the Guild makes a special quilt to be sold to finance these activities.  This year’s quilt, “The Petroglyph Quilt” is an original design of authentic rock art found in Southeastern Utah.  Each block was researched and recreated in fabric by hand appliqué and embroidery.  As you can see, each quilter added their own unique interpretation to the petroglyph pattern they were given, just as the original artists seemed to have done.
High Res Petro Quilt
Petroglyph Quilt
Appliqué is a technique of applying a piece of fabric onto another piece of fabric by turning under the raw edge and making tiny hand stitches.  An appliqué class was taught in January 2006 and the project was announced.  The patterns were taken hoe to complete.  Some were stitched while watching the Olympic games on T.V., some were stitched via transportation to high school basketball games and to family activities.  One was stitched while waiting in the hospital while a loved one was having a serious operation.  After each block was completed the process of putting them together resembled a giant jigsaw puzzle.  It was during this process that something magical happened.  The quilt came alive with movement, animated by the designs, colors and theme of red rocks and ancient people who left their marks on them.
Sashing and borders were added, and the quilt was put on frames to quilt by hand.  Quilting was sewn around each figure and then shadow stitched, making two stitching lines which accents the design.  Fingers became calloused and needle pricks caused drops of red on the quilt, which were quickly rubbed off.  Quilting bees, with stories and laughter, are a regular ‘hen party’.
An estimated sixteen yards of fabric was used for the quilt and over 225 hours went into making this quilt.  Grayson Country Quilters is proud to present the 2006 “Petroglyph Quilt” for your viewing pleasure and bids to own this fantastic quilt.

***  Note Cards of the Petroglyph Quilt are available for sale.  Cards come in sets of four (4) and envelopes are included.  Note cards are 3 x 5.  Cost is $6.00 plus $1.50 shipping.  Please email for purchase information.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Punch Recipe from Vicky!

Vicky's Hot Cranberry Punch

1 gal hot water
3 cups sugar
1/2 gal cranberry juice
1 12-oz concentrated frozen orange juice
1/2 cup concentrated lemon juice
24 whole cloves
1 cup Starlite peppermints

Place everything in a 2-gal pan. Heat on low, stirring occasionally, until mints are melted. Yield: 7 qts.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sanchez Family Quilt

The Grayson Country Quilters donated this quilt to Chris and Tami Sanchez who lost their home and all belongings on Tuesday, November 15th,  in a terrible house fire.


This quilt was pieced and finished during 2010. 

Eve Lynn Perkins Trunk Show – Part 3

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