Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Garden Social

Our guild meeting this month was held in the beautiful garden of Janet Wilcox

Thank You - Janet (far left hand corner) for a beautiful setting for us.

Worthy and Gail Glover presenting the projects that some will be doing at our 
Sept Quilt Retreat.

We are so lucky to have such a great couple as part of our Quilt Guild.

Show and Tell

Shari Guymon

 Nancy Kimmerle started this lovely at last years quilt retreat, we could find her sitting on the floor sorting, cutting and grabbing a fabric and sew it together....great job.

Kathleen Lyman and her wonderful project of pillowcases.

Kathy Hurst showed the round robin we did at the beginning of the year, Kathy started with the middle, Norma Madden did the 1st zig zag border, Debbie Christiansen did the bonnet border. Deb Bayles embellished with beading, Cathy Cosby did the final zig zag border.  So fun and beautiful. 

Kathy's "US Open"she calls it that cause she HAND quilted it during the Open.

Cathy Cosby's Serene Blustery Snails aka "The Eve Lyn Quilt"

Karen Kartchners Bluff Retreat quilt and a finished UFO

 Debbie Christiansen beautiful Dresdon Plate with a twist quilt, she made this for her daughter, PLUS see quilted it with her regular sewing machine, she is getting so good at it.

The Potluck was great, the visiting wonderful, and the show and tell beautiful.
Happy Birthday this month to
Karen Kartchner and Marcia Johnson