Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Sew Weekend

 Our first "sew weekend" was on Feb.10 &11 and was a great success.  Three quilts were introduced at the January meeting and some worked on one of these and others did new projects, UFO's or charity quilts/blankets.  We all had a great time with great snacks!  Many quilts were shown at the Show& Tell.  Looks like many have been busy!!!  These weekend sews are such a fun way to get caught up on sewing but mainly it's just being together!

Sidney - nine patch

Sidney - log cabin
Sidney finished this log cabin at the weekend sew



Blustery Snails

Deb - Corridors (she finished right before surgery)

Becky showed her Mom's and her nine patch that they did as a guild exchange many years ago.
We're glad to have her join us again!

Debbie - wouldn't every Star Wars fan love this!!

LaRue - scrap quilt





Giraffe Crossing

Larkspur Log Cabin

Disappearing 9 Patch

Cathy - 9 Patch Switch

Demo on 9 Patch Switch

Demo on Disappearing 9 Patch

Debbie C - working on Blustery Snails

Gayle - worked on Patriotic pinwheels

Karen - Hearts wall hanging

Valentine decorations

Deb did a demo on a "Weather/Temperature quilt"  - she challenged the members to do one!  This is her color pallet

Tina - she calls this her hysterectomy quilt - she made this while recuperating

Tina made this for her husband

Patriotic Quilt for her son

Laura - "Strip Quilt"




Karen finished her block pattern

Cathy almost finished "Corridors" AWESOME!


LaRue & Sidney

Marcia & Karen

Debbie C


Deb had hand surgery so she came to visit and iron (left handed no less!)

Laura, Debbie, Becky & Sherri

Our next meeting will be March 15 at the Arts & Events Center starting at 7 pm.