Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quilter Profile - Deb Bayles

1.  I have been quilting for 10 years.

2.  I have made approximately 20 quilts.

3.  What pattern or type of quilt do you enjoy making?  I like making wall hangings more than quilts.  Liking applique and beading right now.

4.  Is there something distinctive about your quilting style?  Nope, pretty normal

5.  What is your earliest quilting memory?   I remember playing under the quilts my Granny used to make.  Her quilt frame hung from the ceiling on chains.

6.  I have been a member of the Grayson Country Quilt Guild since 2005.

7.  I was taught to quilt by Rosalie Payne.

8.  Who do you usually make quilts for?  Family

9.  My favorite quilt I ever made was Trip Around the World (I have made 2).  I like how it goes together, colors flow - and it is SIMPLE!!!

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