Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quilter Profile - Lynnette Stevens (unfinished)

1.  I have been quilting for about eight years.

2.  I have made approximately 10-15 quilts.

3.  What pattern or type of quilt do you enjoy making?  Strip quilting.

4.  Is there something distinctive about your quilting style?   Simple

5.  What is your earliest quilting memory?   Working hard on a quilt that was way too hard  for me at Gayle Shumways home. 

6.  I have been a member of the Grayson Country Quilt Guild since ____.   I am currently inactive. Too much busy work in between trying to just learn basic stuff.

7.  I was taught to quilt by Gayle Shumway.

8.  Who do you usually make quilts for?   Children

9.  My favorite quilt I ever made was a western quilt of all my daughter's shirts she had while she was in high school rodeo.

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