Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011 Guild Meeting

Bonnie Meyer Displays her 'First or Worse' Quilt

Deb Bayles shows off her first quilt, made approximately 10 years ago.

Ada Rigby shows the first quilt she ever made, while she was in high school.  Her brother, who was nine at the time, helped her cut the squares and make the quilt.  It is still in good condition!

Guild members finish up lasts months project of tying and labeling baby quilts...

Ada Rigby shows a 'quilt bag' made by her grandmother.  The fabric was 'ugly' and purchased in Mexico before her grandmother came to the area.

Janet Wilcox discusses the importance of quilt journals and of labeling our quilts.

Ada Rigby shares her quilt journal with the guild.

Beth Millward with new daughter, Paige Elizabeth

Janet shows the quilt that the guild is donating to the college for a cancer fundraiser.

Jeri Montella shows off a few her latest quilts...

Deb Bayles finished a wall hanging and included embellishments!

Gayle Marion displays her 'Easter Basket' quilt.

This purple quilt was done by Norma Madden

Sallie Lyman displays a quilt she made for her granddaughter.

Sallie shows off a quilt for her latest grandchild, born today!

Ila Starks created this beautiful batik quilt.

A 'doggie toy bag' for a daughter who lives in England.

Probably the night's favorite quilt.  This chicken quilt was appliqued on fabric that looks like chicken wire.  Ila did a great job!

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