Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilter Profile - Tiawna Moses

1.  How long have you been quilting?  About 10 years, unsuccessfully.

2.  Approximately how many quilts have you made?  1/2 of many, one to completion - a sampler quilt in a college class.

3. What pattern or type of quilt do you enjoy making?  I like anything easy if I am making it or I like intricate ones if I'm appreciating someone else's work.

4. Is there something distinctive about your quilting style?     I like geometric patterns.

5. What is your earliest quilting memory?  I made a pillowcase in 4th grade home economics.

6. I have been a member of the Grayson Country Quilt Guild since _______.

7. I was taught to quilt by collect quilt instructor, piece quilting the tops, and my mother-in-law for hand quilting.

8. Who do you usually make quilts for?     Family & gifts.

9. My favorite quilt I ever made was a baby quilt - fence rail because it was with my mother-in-law for a grandkid.  She taught me how to hand quilt the top.

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