Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilter Profile - Nancy Kimmerle

1. I have been quilting for 15 years.

2. I have made approximately 250 quilts.

3. What pattern or type of quilt do you enjoy making?    Scrap quilts, Turning 20, and a challenge from time to time.

4. Is there something distinctive about your quilting style?

5. What is your earliest quilting memory?  My maternal grandmother hand quilted.  She thought it was ridiculous to cut yardage and sew it together again so all her quilts were fabric.

6. I have been a member of the Grayson Country Quilt Guild since 2000.

7. I was taught to quilt by Gayle Shumway and quilt classes at Parley Redd's.

8. Who do you usually make quilts for?   My family.

9. My favorite quilt I ever made was our Grayson Country Quilters Petriglyph Quilt and the second one, is one I made for my sone with panels and quilt elements.  It was in last summer's Quilt Show.

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