Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quilter Profile - Jessica Claleson

1. I started quilting in 2006 for one month.  Then in January of 2010 I finished a quilt I started years before.

2. I have made approximately 20 quilts.

3. What pattern or type of quilt do you enjoy making?  I don't have a favorite yet.

4. Is there something distinctive about your quilting style? I haven't made the same quilt twice yet and like to learn something from each one and challenge myself since I'm new to quilting.
5. What is your earliest quilting memory? I like this more than making Navajo outfits.  My mom sews and was teaching us girls.
6. I have been a member of the Grayson Country Quilt Guild since January 2012.

7. I was taught to quilt by myself and books and internet.

8. Who do you usually make quilts for?    My family, nieces and nephews.

9. My favorite quilt I ever made was my first quilt.  It took me a while to finish and afterwards I wanted to learn more about quilting.

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