Monday, May 2, 2011

Frame History - 4th of July Quilt Show

Kathy Hurst made the plastic display frames that are made out of plumbing pipes.  She made them back when we were still having the quilt shows in the high school cafeteria. (1990’s) The high school cafeteria had permanent wires strung for us on the walls, but we needed something for the middle of the floor.  Kathy had seen some like them in Logan, and she just designed them from memory, cut up the pipes and put them together. They seemed great at the time, but they’ve become quite rickety over the years, and they desperately need to be replaced.  People find them difficult and confusing to put together. (We're in the process of starting to do that, and have ordered 7 new display frames.)

One year, the guild even displayed the quilts in the high school gym, when Bonnie Meyer and Kathleen Guymon were in charge.  They displayed them on the bleachers.   For the State Centennial in 1996 we showed over 200 quilts  at the Blanding LDS South Chapel Cultural Hall.  Where we did the show for quite a few years, prior to moving it to the Elementary School.  That year many ladies from Monticello brought quilts down, and the next year the quilt issue of Blue Mt. Shadows was published which showcased many of these Centennial display quilts. 

Norma Madden and Sallie Lyman saw the medal pipe design at the Panquitch Quilt Walk and with the help of Jim Madden and Duane Lyman we designed and made them out of conduit pipe used gallon cans filled with premix cement as the base.   Betty Shumway’s husband Dan poured the cement into the gallon cans with cement left over from his cement business.  Winston Hurst did all the cutting on the plastic plumbing pipes. Kathy Hurst recalled that Jim Madden, Butch Brice and Dan Webb  were our most regular helpers   They came every 4th of July and helped like troopers. 

For several years we stored the frames in Kathy Hurst’s quansit hut, then in Norma Madden’s shed.  When Norma moved into town, we started renting the storage shed, but prices have continued to rise over the years.  In 2011 we received permission from the city council to store the frames at the Blanding Wellness Center.

In earlier years we relied on help from guild members' husbands, children, and grandsons as we set up. It takes many hands to do a show.  Hopefully, the Blanding Wellness Center will be a good match for our future shows.

 April 27th - The Last Day of the Storage Shed

Transporting the frames...

Cleaning the frames...

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