Friday, June 3, 2016

It's not always quantity that counts!  Grayson Country Quilters pulled off another 4-H Quilt Camp!
We were few in numbers but BIG in spirit, talent and stickety-to-ity!  A big thanks to Lou Mueller and USU Extension Office for providing lunch for the two day event.  

 Carol Fredere - Great Volunteer - Made us cupcakes, folded "hot dogs" for pillow cases, told us stories from her childhood to keep us entertained!  Thanks Carol!!

 Janet Wilcox's Granddaughter - worked diligently on pillow cases for Primary Children's Festival of Trees.

 Janet makes sure ALL her grandchildren get a chance!  Helping her grandson with some fun pillow cases.
 Jeri helping a "hidden" Paisley with her very first quilt.

 Debbie's Granddaughter finds music to keep her "in the mood" while she makes her first quilt.
Bentley's first quilt - she endured to the end!

Janet and Jeri have more photos - so there will be more to come!

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