Monday, November 16, 2015

HELP the Young Single Adults with their Christmas Quilt Project


I received a call from David Johnson this morning asking for some help with the Young Single Adults doing some quilts for Christmas.  I was also given Angela Hurst as a contact for this.  After speaking with her, this is what is needed:

1. Lap/single quilt tops and bottoms to tie:  She has a box full of 18 x 29 assorted fat quarters - you are welcome to come and get what you would need to put together a quilt top.  If you don't have a piece of material for the bottom - she could possible arrange getting that.  She would like the top and bottom sewn together in an envelope with batting (She will have the batting) so they can be turned and ready to quilt.

2. December 14th - a Monday at the North Chapel at 6:00 pm - enough quilt stands for the quilts that are ready to be tied, and quilt guilders who are willing to help show them how to put the quilts on and tie them.

These are going to be given for Christmas from the  Young Single adults to some individuals/families who are in need.

This is Angela's email address
Her number is 435-678-2638

Please email me if you are able to put together a quilt top, if you have quilt frames, if you could help on the 14th of December.
THanks - you are the best!  Debbie C


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