Monday, September 21, 2015

September Retreat 2015

"Cloudy With a Chance of Sewing!"

Ladies and a gentleman gathered at the beautiful Blue Mountain Lodge for 3 days of
sewing, eating, laughing, more sewing and more eating!  It was a great time and many 
projects were finished.

Debbie starts designing a quilt! It was amazing, but a secret so we can't show it!!

 Gail shows a Crazy Quilt design that she taught during the retreat

Marcia works on a special quilt, while a new friend overlooks! 

Kathy and Carol get started on their projects

New member Laura starts the Crazy Quilt

Janet chose pink and grey for her Crazy Quilt.  It was lovely!

Sydnee finishes a UFO

Deb get advice from her friend Buck.

We call Kathleen the Bag Lady!!!  She can whip them out like crazy!!

Worthy (our man of the camp) shows his Navajo Basket quilt.  He is quite the designer!

Worthy also kept us entertained with songs.

Kathy uses the floor to map out her Escargot quilt

Annie finishes her Crazy Quilt.  It is beautiful!!

Canyonlands Lodging manager Jerry Murdock along with his wife Tina, stopped by and
delighted us with Cowboy Poetry!  They are great hosts!!

Deb finishes the service quilt for the guild.  Patriotic Pinwheels.

Laura makes fun pillowcases!

Kathy with Escargot quilt and Crazy quilt.

Gail has had it with sewing and puts her feet up to do some hand work.

    Sheri and Nancy show their versions of the Crazy Quilt

Carol finished her chain quilt

We can't wait until next year!!!!! 
 It was an amazing time in an amazing atmosphere!  

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