Monday, July 15, 2013

4th of July Quilt Show – Part 1

DSCN3069 DSCN3071

Chad and Suzi Nelson with Jonnie Imel.
Jonnie made this surprise wedding quilt.
Chad & Suzi viewed it for the first time at the Quilt Show
DSCN3084 DSCN3085 DSCN3086 DSCN3088 DSCN3089 DSCN3090 DSCN3091 DSCN3092 DSCN3093 DSCN3094 DSCN3095 DSCN3096 DSCN3097 DSCN3098 DSCN3099 DSCN3100 DSCN3101 DSCN3102 DSCN3103 DSCN3104 DSCN3105 DSCN3106

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