Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Quilt Camp

4-H quilters buzzed through third annual quilt camp!

by Lou Mueller, USU Extension

Bees were buzzing at 4-H Quilt Camp this year—busy bees, that is! Sponsored by USU Extension and Grayson Country Quilters, the goal of quilt camp was to "pass along the craft and tradition of quilting to the next generation." A total of 20 youth, taught by 14 quilters, did just that with quilting projects that ranged from rag flags to full-sized quilt tops.

Before camp, quilters recruited their students and helped them select a pattern and fabrics, then cut out their quilt pieces. Some students even started sewing. At camp, quilters set up sewing stations and helped students piece, pin, sew, press and put their quilt tops together. Every student left with a fabulous quilting project!

Quilters included Kristen H. Black, Sidney Christensen, Janice Dyer, Gail and Worthy Glover, Jenny Grover, Toni Hurst, Marci Jacobsen, Nancy Kimmerle, Jamie Lyman, Kathleen Lyman, Jeri Montella and Candice Palmer. 4-H Youth included Olivia, Tyler and Rachel Barton; Tyler Bayles; Maggie Black; Ian and Justin Black; Sebrina Brown; McKady Grover; Abby and Emily Jacobsen; Kiersten Kimmerle; Ella Lyman; Connor and Kaitlyn Montella; Ashlyn Palmer; Paige Palmer; Aysia Pehrson; and Kim Starkweather.

4-H quilters will enter their projects at the Grayson Country Quilters 4-H Quilt Show on the 4th of July, so drop by the Recreation Center and take a look. Also, all 4-H quilters (whether quilts were made at camp or in 4-H family clubs) can enter their projects at the 4-H booth at the San Juan County Fair in August. Fair entries always win ribbons and cash awards!

Special thanks to Karah Shumway, 4-H Assistant, and Gloria Eberling, Nutrition Education Assistant, both with USU Extension, for their help.

Remember, you don't have to be a member of the quilt guild to participate. All quilters are welcome at 4-H Quilt Camp, so pick a student or two and plan to join us in 2014! Contact Lou Mueller at (435) 459-1827 or for more information.


Quilt camp 2013 

Proud Quilts with their finished tops!

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