Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guild Meeting – January 18, 2012

2012 Guild President opens the meeting!



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Kathy Hurst introduces the Challenge Quilt for 2012.

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Karen Dufer and Betty Shumway introduce the 4th of July Quilt for 2012.


Sidney Christensen displays a quilt using griddle cakes.  Pattern is available here: Bella Crossing Quilt


Another favorite pattern – Geese in the Field – uses 13 fat quarters to create this quilt.

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Sidney Christensen shows an Irish Change quilt top that she recently completed.


and the ‘second attempt’ at quilt, that she previously made, but didn’t turn out the way she wanted!


Robin Jones shows a quilt that the finished.  It is a belated Christmas present for her sister.


Share Guymon shows the denim quilt she is working on for her grandson.


New member, Pam Noyes, show a quilt she made a recently.


Pam also shows a baby quilt that she made for one of her children.


New member Jessica Clawson showed us block squares that she is making for another quilt.

100_4844 100_4845

Jessica is also working on a superhero quilt!


Kathy Hurst showed us a quilt that she started a few years ago and recently completed.  She enlarged the quilt by adding five borders.


Deb Bayles talked about this seasonal wall hanging that is made from charm backs.  The book has twelve different patterns.

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Norma Madden showed a recently completed rug that she has been making.  (I think all members want to make rugs with their scraps!)


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