Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July Quilt Show - Award Winners

Patriotic -- 1st Bobbie Holt--RWB griddle Cake

Quilt Show 060

   2nd Sidney Christensen -- American Flag

   3rd  Dorinne Eberhard--State birds

Quilt Show 063

Traditional quilts    1st  Nancy Kimmerle -- Why I Love San Juan

Quilt Show 147

    2nd   Janet Wilcox --Eagle quilt

Quilt Show 068

    3rd    Eve Lyn Perkins --Maroon stack N' whack

Youth -- 1st  Kaitlyn Montella  #26...Teacher gift quilt 

    2nd    Tyler Barton  #38  it was orange  Tyler's First Quilt

    3rd     #101    Skye Jeppson...Twin size, yellow and reds sunflower quilting

Small Quilts
   1st   -- Gail Glover  #106  Graces garden 

   2nd   -- Gail Glover Jungle Baby

Quilt Show 092

    3rd --   Ila Starks Back on the Farm

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